The Brand

Born in March 2017, Yuri Ahn’s handmade hair accessories collection offers an explosion of colour, romanticism and joie de vivre, stemming from the will of the designer to create unique hair accessories beyond the common idea of hat
Yuri's glamorous and sophisticated nature are de rigueur at events and parties and have been seen on many stylish women. With a strong vision and recognisable aesthetic, ironic and glamorous appeal, her brand features an eclectic mix of elements, mixing classic shapes with fresh, feminine modernity and a playful sense of wit.  Bold colours, unexpected trims and high-quality materials are signature elements that define the collection every season.  

Her first adventure re-imagines basic baseball caps and wool hats in a new way. Simple design, is mixed with the timeless elegance of veils and the playfulness of pop-art inspired embroideries and patches. Other times her preference goes for the romanticism of flowers, the classic allure of pearls, other again the preciousness of fur enriches simple berets. The result is a versatile collection of knits and woven fabrics, where every piece can be worn in several different ways

Attention to details, quality of materials, love for handcraft makes every piece unique, glamorous yet accessible. Contributing to the renaissance of millinery in Italy and expanding her creativity into “Handmade Hair accessories”. Every piece is hand-made by Yuri Ahn herself, and she is always using antique techniques of the italian tradition of millinery, as well as new and unique proceedings she invents herself. Thanks to her knowledgable craftmanship and the use of precious material, the collections are showcased and sold in luxury boutiques around the world, where customers can appreciate the value of every details. 
She also produces “One of a kind” and customised unique accessories, embellished with artistic and precious decorations, challenging the traditional ideas of millinery.)

Using the best materials possible and providing hats of highest quality. All of my hair accessories are handmade

The entirely Italian productions are enhanced by attention to details, the choice of materials and fabrics of high quality and a special attention on the accessories.

The spirit of the brand is vibrant and youthful and a new generation of hat wearers will be seduced by Yuri's witty, fashionable and innovative styles. Sporty and fashion forward hats, that use unconventional fabrics and techniques, crafted into unique designs with an emphasis on detail and quality.
Every item is hand-made, every possibile irregular effects have to be considered as part of the uniqueness of the product.