Haute Couture, One of a Kind

Discover Yuri Ahn Haute Couture, One of A Kind Pieces, see the gallery and get in touch to order your unique piece.

Precious flowers created by hand in grades that go from the tones of intense light blue to old-rose, enrich veils and fascinators in a series of romantic combinations; while feather, precious tulles and grosgrain compose a series of day and evening creations in the tones of black and ecru, for a sophisticated yet bold touch.

Created with great care and with a refined choice of material, these unique creations are inspired by an overwhelming passion for beauty and by the fascination to an old time elegance. A sophisticated touch, to be discovered and re-discovered.


yuri-ahn-headband-couture-flowers-blue yuri-ahn-headband-couture-flowers-red yuri-ahn-headband-couture-flowers-black 
yuri-ahn-headband-couture-flowers-blue yuri-ahn-headband-couture-flowers-black yuri-ahn-headband-couture-flowers-blue